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Impact protection
that’s making an impact

Windpact was born after former NFL tackle back, Shawn Springs, discovered that helmet technology had hardly evolved in 30 years. With a desire to minimize sports-related concussive head trauma, Shawn built a team of engineers, designers and world class scientists all dedicated to the science of impact protection. When he needed to build a brand, he contacted Blackcoffee. We helped Windpact build its brand from the ground up.



From the brand name to the product and feature names, we created a nomenclature system that connotes the efficacy of the brand and its products—AIR. The system provides a framework outlining the development of consistent names as well as the relationship between those names, so any future products and product features are distinctly “Windpact.”

A LOGO that tells a story

While the design of the logo is representative of a shield, the icon hides something more. Windpact’s non-explosive airbag technology is a true innovation which requires some explanation. Therefore, the logo also serves as a diagram, allowing for quick and easy explanation of how the Crash Cloud system works.

The COLOR Of Safety

In determining where Windpact would live in the color spectrum, we examined the helmet industry as well as the “safety” category. We found that the helmet category was largely dominated by red and black, while safety is mainly orange. Through the use of “safety orange,” Windpact implies safety.

SHAPE as a Brand Signal

The original prototypes for the Crash Cloud system were round pucks. We modified the product to conform to the logo shape and embossed the logo into each Crash Cloud, creating a more recognizable product. This not only makes for a richer brand identity, it provides additional protection from knock-off products.

A timely MESSAGe & A descriptive TAGLINE

While people are highly aware of the long term effects of concussions, they are not familiar with non-explosive airbag technology. For Windpact to thrive as a brand, the benefits of the Crash Cloud system must first be understood. To achieve this, we built a messaging system which reflected Windpact’s brand strategy while providing a messaging hierarchy outlining the product’s key points of differentiation and the supporting proof points. This included a tagline which referenced the two levels of protection that Windpact’s crash cloud system provides.


In developing the logotype, we drew from the curves and center shape of the shield logo. The characters were then built out and developed as a custom font, allowing Windpact to easily maintain consistency across its visual identity.

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