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For a proof of concept brand, sometimes all you need is a great brand name.

This early-stage startup approached Blackcoffee with only the vision for creating a premium dress shirt brand that would simplify the retail process by removing the middlemen. They would provide the finest shirts designed in New York City, hand-cut from 100% cotton fabrics from great Italian mills, made by a family-owned Italian manufacturer, and delivered directly to the consumer. These were not average dress shirts made for the average man. These were a cut above. However, the company needed a name.

Categorically, fashion houses are named after the founding designer. However, this would not be the case as this direct-to-consumer brand was not a designer-lead fashion house.

We began by identifying the ideal name classification. We determined that an associative name would allow us to leverage both the level of quality and the clothing’s country of origin, while a fabricated name would allow greater opportunity in adhering to our definition of success.

A Premium Italian brand name

While consumers believe the name Premarra to be the Italian word for premium, it is, in fact, a fabricated name designed to conjure up such thoughts. This gives the brand familiarity in the descriptive sense while providing a foreign novelty that underscores the authenticity of manufacturing origin and technique.

Viability & Screening

Measuring against our established definition of success which included Fit to Concept, Sound Symbolism, Memorability, Ease of Spelling & Pronunciation (shown above), Trademark Eligibility, Domain Availability, and availability of Social handles, we pressure tested the name to ensure its viability.

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