Are you just breaking ground? We help start-ups bloom!

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An integral part of any launch is presenting right story to the right people. Fail to target the right market or miss just why your offering is not only different but better and your first year may be your last.

Launching a new brand requires more than most people realize. The temptation is to focus on the aesthetics rather than focusing on brand consistency. Brand consistency is about “consistency of purpose” not just design. New brands must be relevant, different and memorable if they are to grow revenue, not just market share. Your focus needs to be on providing a compelling reason to choose your offering. This is where Blackcoffee comes in.

We will help you convey an accurate and believable promise that will manage expectations, both inside and outside your organization. By clarifying, simplifying and amplifying your organization’s vision, we’ll help you maintain brand consistency while providing the flexibility for your brand and business to evolve over time, and yet maintain both a relevant position and a recognizable identity.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our approach:

  • A unique and differentiated position
  • A clarified and simplified brand story
  • A memorable brand identity
  • Brand Signals that provide room for the brand to evolve