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Mark walks a fine line between being under-caffeinated and over-caffeinated. Born too late to explore the wild west, but too early to explore the galaxy, he’s obsessed with travel and food, and is willing to travel for food.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Mark studied Communications and Industrial Design. He is a frequent lecturer at schools including MIT, Babson and Tufts  as well as Parsons, Pratt and the Miami Ad School. He has also served as subject matter expert on “branding” to publications including The Boston Globe and Financial Times.

Mark’s second passion is auto racing. He is a nationally certified performance driving instructor competing in both the BMW Club Racing and Iceracing series.

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Relevant fact. During the Black plague in the 17th century in Italy, boats were forced to dock off the coast for 40 days. Quarantine is the Italian word for 40.

It’s the inverse of most kids walking their parents through technology

Twitter feed video.It’s the inverse of most kids walking their parents through technology
Eugene Wei@eugenewei

It doesn’t take long for process knowledge to evaporate

Andy Husbands, owner of @TheSmokeShopBBQ, is trying to drum up support for a bill that would require insurance companies to pay for business interruption claims for restaurants with fewer than 150 employees. #CambMA @MikeConnollyMA

Earth Day should be celebrated with a remote working day moving forward. Given the reports of positive environmental effects from people staying home, it just makes sense.


Twitter feed video.Useful
KING “I am not voting for Biden” KORTNEY😷@fakerapper

How to make a mask at home using a bandanna and hair bands

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