Mark Gallagher, Brand Expressionist®

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Mark walks a fine line between being under-caffeinated and over-caffeinated. Born too late to explore the wild west, but too early to explore the galaxy, he’s obsessed with travel and food.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Mark studied Communications and Industrial Design. He is a frequent lecturer (Including schools such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University as well as Parson School of design and the Miami Ad School) and has served as subject matter expert on “branding” to publications including The Boston Globe and Financial Times.

Mark’s second passion is auto racing. He is a nationally certified performance driving instructor competing in both the BMW Club Racing and Iceracing series.

Upcoming Speaking Engagement:

2018 MRA Educational Foundation Summit: Restaurants – THE NEW FRONTIER

Mark will be speaking on the following panels:

“Scale Your Restaurant Concept Not Just Your Footprint” Whether expanding to a new location across the street or multiple units across the country, the environment you create will govern the dining experience and the expectations people create. By building the right team to understand your success and assist in building a consistent brand experience rather than executing a cookie cutter solution, restaurants are better able to scale their concepts across various locations growing their brands, customer loyalty and, of course, their bottom line.

“Leading Trends Shaping the Future of Foods”The panel of industry professionals will be discussing many of the trends that are currently “hot” in the hospitality industry.

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Mark’s Twitter Feed

''My little sister with Cerebral Palsy is graduating. This is her service dog in his graduation get-up.'' Please don't scroll without sending congratulations to both of them !!!

First the Boy Scouts were deemed sexist because they were for boys only. Now, they admit girls, and want to drop "boy" from the name and just be Scouts, and the Girl Scouts are suing them over the name change. Adults ruin everything.

26 years ago today my (now) wife and I started dating. Tomorrow marks our 6 year wedding anniversary. She still hasn’t figured out that she got the short end of the stick.

I just walked by a home with Christmas lights a tree. What is wrong with people? It’s not even Halloween!

Just realized that it's Thursday, not Friday. I have mixed feelings about this.

Jed, I miss you, buddy. You were a big drooling mess, but you were a great dog!

Does anyone else think it's weird that "here here" is agreeing
yet "there there" is consoling?

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