Looking to find focus and direction? Together, we’ll take a closer look and find the right path forward.

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Whether you’re looking to launch or pivot, realign or reimagine, many people find the clarity and focus that comes from third-party facilitation helps set a more strategic and creative foundation. Working with senior leadership and specialized teams we provide expertise and perspective for early planning and times of change.

Facilitating workshops is core to our approach.

Our Vision and Alignment Workshops are custom to the specific challenges facing your organization and your industry. As a result of our workshops, you and your team will be better able to communicate your vision to others and why that vision matters.

Specially created to meet the challenges facing organizations in transition, each session is designed to remove the complexity from your vision to let the real value shine through. Participants will be guided through proprietary exercises to address the specific issues challenging the viability of their concept and the alternatives critical to understanding the effect each course may have on the brand and business to build greater competitive advantage.

What you can expect from our customized Vision and Alignment Workshops:

  • Workshops typically address new business, product and service launches, the extension of established brands into new categories and markets, as well as mergers and acquisitions.
  • Each workshop is lead by Blackcoffee’s co-founders and branding experts, Mark Gallagher and Laura Savard.
  • Before the workshop, we’ll work with you to determine the workshop’s “Definition of Success” as well as key participants.
  • We’ve found that the ideal number of participants vary based on the size of the organization. We’ll discuss the number of participants and the inclusion of any outside subject matter experts as we establish the Definition of Success.
  • Workshops are typically conducted at an off-site meeting space or at our Boston office, as many clients find that their team is better able to focus when not “at work.”
  • Each participant will receive an overview detailing the session’s goals and what they might expect at the workshop.
  • After each workshop, key insights and conclusions from the working session are documented and reviewed with the client-side project lead.