Are you selling a promise, or delivering on one? The most effective brands connect with consumers because they connect the value they deliver with consumer needs.

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Brand positioning is not a question of “What should we say about our brand,” or even “How do we differentiate from our competition,” but rather “How we will address the needs of the market in a way that no other brand can?” True brand value is created when a brand delivers on consumers rational and emotional needs.

Consumers use brands to navigate the marketplace. They choose brands based on their expectations. Stating your intended brand position is simply not enough to build brand loyalty. Brand positioning is about managing expectations. Positioning is more than simply identifying what makes your brand special. It’s about ensuring that people’s perceptions of your brand are in alignment with the value your brand delivers to the market.

At Blackcoffee, we see brand positioning as a matter of clarifying, simplifying and amplifying a unique brand story. This makes invisible connections visible, enabling your brand to move beyond the constructs of category, allowing the organization to take an obtainable, sustainable, and favorable position that is clearly defined and understood both internally and externally.

A strong brand bridges the gap between who you are and what others believe you to be. Brand positioning manages brand experience by aligning the brand’s promise and consumer’s expectation. That’s where we come in.

Key deliverables of bur Brand Positioning service may include:

  • Brand Spectrum
  • Brand Platform
  • Guiding Principles
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Vocabulary
  • Brand Story