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Is the structure of your brand portfolio working for or against you? The right structure can make all the difference.

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At Blackcoffee we see brand architecture as a tool for managing how people inside and outside your organization understand the relationship and benefits of each of your brands to all others within your portfolio. Strong brands are clear about what they represent. Strong brand portfolios leverage this.

How your brands are structured and organized within your company’s core competencies is the foundation for a healthy brand portfolio. We help companies increase portfolio value by managing how individual brands, sub-brands, line extensions and ingredient brands relate to and support each other. We will inventory and evaluate the relationships of each individual brand, to ensure that each brand fits within the organizational structure.

Working closely with our clients, we identify the positions of each brand offering and how sub-brands may relate. Defining the unique focus and relevance of each brand ensures that your brands do not inadvertently compete with one another. This balances the short-term need for sales growth, with the long-term objective of increasing portfolio value.

The final brand architecture will establish the category framework for the development and acquisition of new brands as well as future opportunities for how brands may extend into new markets.

Our Brand Architecture services build relationship structures that:

  • Expose misalignments and cannibalistic brand behavior
  • Unearth opportunities to create new brands
  • Illustrate brand families and hierarchies
  • Identify line extensions and ingredient brand opportunities