Is your packagING merely delivering your product? We’ll ensure it delivers on your brand experience.

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Can or bottle, box or bag, the packaging that houses your product is a promise of what’s inside. Its design is critical to your product making its way into consumers’ shopping carts, hearts and minds.

With the ever-increasing number of new product offerings, consumers are overwhelmed by more and more of the same. At Blackcoffee, we design packaging systems that function as physical brand signals. This provides a unique opportunity to create a multi-sensory experience that connects brand and consumer, from what it looks like, feels like, smells like, to the ritual of opening it. This helps to differentiate your product, command premium pricing and create customer loyalty.

Whether you have a new product to move, or an existing one that isn’t, we don’t only think outside the box—We think about the box. Some of the most common areas we are asked to address include:

  • Package Design Graphics
  • Physical Packaging Structures
  • Multi-sensory Experience
  • Package Design Standards/Package Design Guidelines