Your brand is constantly being judged in comparison to others. Do you know how your brand image is viewed and why?

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Brands must evolve over time in order to maintain relevancy. Identity mapping provides insight into the critical juncture where your brand image interacts with the outside world. This provides your company with a better understanding of consumers’ expectations of your brand based upon aesthetic perceptions relative not only to your competitive set but to the market as a whole.

How do consumers see your brand? Your brand identity should be as unique as the people, standards, services or products it represents. A brand image profile will help you gain clearer insight into how to make your message stand out amongst the noise.

By identifying the point of convergence between what your brand provides, the image it is projecting and what is meaningful to your target audience, we unearth the specific signals that hold the greatest brand value. Through this comprehensive assessment, we identify which signals should be redesigned, updated or shelved and where new signals can be introduced to create value.

Brand identity is made up of a collection of brand signals. Each of these signals contributes to either building your brand image or eroding its value. An image map ensures that each unique signal works in concert with one another and is relevant to your brand and audience. This information allows your organization to make better brand decisions surrounding identity and aesthetic. The result is a positive brand-building experience.

Whether you’re communicating in print, in pixels or in person, our Image Mapping Profile identifies:

  • Incongruence between brand signals and brand message
  • Needs for resurrecting and updating heritage brand signals
  • Opportunities to create new multi-sensory brand signals
  • Needs for updating/redesigning existing brand signals