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Brand identity is both how the market identifies a brand, and identifies with that brand. You need to stand out, and you need to fit in, all at the same time. Too much of the former, and you’re crying for attention. Too much of the latter, and you’re invisible. We get brands to that Goldilocks place where people notice enough to pay attention, and make a connection.

The Brand Signals that comprise your brand image help consumers to navigate their way through the marketplace while fundamentally changing the perception of your offering to build long-lasting bonds between you and your consumers.

Many confuse logo design for brand identity. However, a logo only addresses a single facet of a brand’s identity. Imagine you were to remove your logo from your products, your packaging, everything! Would people still recognize your brand? Would they confuse you for a competitor or would they just be confused? This is the difference between name recognition and brand recognition—between applying a logo and building a brand identity.

Trade Dress

When brand identity is treated as styling, the bond between consumer and brand is often weak and shallow. When brand identity is constructed of multi-sensory Brand Signals, it provides the depth to build stronger bonds through a common understanding of what your brand represents.

At Blackcoffee we focus on developing brand identity systems comprised of multi-sensory brand signals, designed to work independently and collectively, to create richer, more meaningful brand identities. By addressing a full range of signals from sight and sound to touch, taste, smell, action and ritual, we develop deeper, more consistent relationships with your audience.

If your brand is to be competitive in today’s market place, as well as tomorrow’s, your brand must extend beyond the traditional constructs of brand identity to become a multi-sensory experience. Here are a few of the ways we build richer brand identities that result in more effective brands: