A compilation of brand terms that start with the letter V.

Value Attribution

The inclination to imbue a person or thing with certain qualities based on initial perceived value.

Value Brand

A brand that provides quality that exceeds the value of its price point without differentiating on price.

Value Proposition

Unlike a Unique Selling Proposition, a Value Proposition focuses on the intangible benefits of the offering. A competitor may claim the same or similar benefits, such as providing a solution. However, from the customer's perspective the value of these solutions are less than equal. (e.g., Tag Heuer vs. Rolex)

Veblen Good

Veblen goods are goods for which demand increases as the price increases. This is due to the good's exclusive nature and appeal as a status symbol, where price functions as positioning tool.

Verbal Identity

The brand name and other verbal elements that identify the brand. (e.g. jingles, tag lines, words, phrases, etc.) Collectively, these verbal cues form the voice of the organization.

Vertical Market

Market classification based on industry, regardless of function.

Visual Identity

The sum total of the brands visual aesthetic. This is comprised of Logos, logotypes, symbols, colors, and other visual elements.