A compilation of brand terms that start with the letter O.


Specific, measurable outcomes or results that a brand plans to achieve in a given period.

Off-Brand Behavior

Any actions that serve to distort the brand message.


What a company offers for sale to customers. An offering includes the product and its features, quality, and associated services such as financing, warranties and installation.


A market or industry dominated by a small number of sellers relative to the size of the market. (e.g., Coke and Pepsi are oligopolists operating in an oligopoly.)


A market in which there are few buyers relative to the number of sellers.

On-Brand Behavior

Behavior encouraged to ensure that an organization is committed to delivering the desired brand experience to all audiences, internal and external.

Option Paralysis

The inability for a consumer to make a decision when faced with too many choices.

Oral History

Historical accounts obtained through interviews with persons having firsthand knowledge; usually through audio or video recordings.