A compilation of brand terms that start with the letter H.

Halo Effect

Transfer of credibility and goodwill by associating the qualities from one brand to another, based upon association.

Heritage Brand

The preferred brands of children, parents and grandparents alike. These brands sustain authority by maintaining relevance.


A significant differentiation among consumers believed to occupy the same target segment.

High Involvement Decision

A decision where the consumer does research to ensure that they make the correct purchase. These purchases typically require a significant investment.

Historical Price Range

The theory that consumers will only spend what they have been conditioned to spend on a given purchase. If, or when, the cost exceeds the perceived price-point, the given market may recede until consumers are conditioned to the new pricing structure.


A significant similarity among consumers believed to occupy the same target segment.

Horizontal Market

Market classification based on function, regardless of industry.

Human Factors

The study of consumer and product interactivity as it naturally occurs.

Hygiene Factors

The study of consumer perception of hygiene relating to the brand experience.