A compilation of brand terms that start with the letter F.


An offering or activity that comes quickly to the attention of an eager public, peaks in a relatively short time, then rapidly declines in popularity.

False Positioning

Claiming to overcome a challenge that doesn't exist.

Family Brand

A brand that has been extended through a family of offerings.

Fictitious Brand

Any imaginary brand, such as those appearing on plays, books, movies and/or television. (e.g., Soylent Green, "ACME," Duff beer…)


Consumer acceptance of information (such as a product comparison test), while simultaneously rejecting equally valid information.


A permanent or semi-permanent display to present an offering at retail.

Flagship Strategy

A flagship strategy is similar to Monolithic brand


Acronym: Fast Moving Consumer Good(s). These products have quick turnover, relatively low cost, and don't require much thought, time, or financial investment to purchase.


Predicting future market conditions, based on variables that may/will influence brand performance over time.


An individual that forecasts how the future may unfold. These hypotheses are often used in product development.