A compilation of brand related qoutes.

A Goal Is Not Always Meant to be Reached, It Often Serves Simply as Something to Aim At.

—Bruce Lee

Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.

—Kevin Stirtz

Of course I'll [design] options. Many, many of them. But you won't see them, you won't have to, that's my job.

—Paul Rand

If design isn't profitable, then it's art.

—Henrik Fisker

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

—Alan Kay

If you're not trying to do something better, then you're not focused on the customer and you'll miss the possibility of making your business great.

—Jonathan Ive

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.

—Marcel Proust

It's not what you do once in a while; it's what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.

—Jenny Craig

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

—Warren Buffett

Don't listen to you customers. They don't know what they want anyway.

—Larry Webber

Unless you can begin with an interesting problem, it is unlikely you will end up with an interesting solution.

—Bob Gill

Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change.

—Milton Erickson

Design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.

—Bob Baxley
Writer, designer, speaker

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

—Thomas J. Watson Jr.

You need the simplest version of the idea in order for it to grow naturally in the subject's mind.

— Inception

A Brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It's the sum of all the experiences you have with a company.

—Amir Kassaei

It is easy to be accurate if you have the freedom to be complicated, and it is very easy to be simple if you have the freedom to shade the truth. What's hard is to be simple and very accurate, and that takes work to figure out what are the simple truths that are going to sustain your case.

—David Boies

Disagreements often occur simply because the words we use don't mean the same things. Check the vocabulary before deciding.

—Liz Strauss

Those who don't set goals in life end up being controlled by those who do.

—Paul Sloane

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.

—Mike Tyson

When walt disney announced TV show to promote his movies, other studios were angry. They saw TV as competition.

—Don Florence

Focus groups are a waste of time, filled with people telling you what you want to hear so they can go home.

—Sergio Zyman
(former) CMO Coca Cola

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

—Jim Rohn

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

—Oscar Wilde

A problem is often half-solved when it is clearly stated.

—Dorothea Brande