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A collection of brand terms, quotes, facts and brand related thoughts. Care to have a look around?

Brand Terms

With so many terms being thrown around, we complied a comprehensive list and wrote some easy to understand definitions.

Brand Quotes

These pithy quotes may not all directly relate to brands, but each captures something about the subject of branding.

Brand Facts

We’re brand nerds so we thought we’d share some interesting brand trivia and dispel some commonly held myths and misconceptions.

Our Latest Thoughts:

  • The New Normal
    The view into the past is clear and certain. The view into the future is far murkier. However, there’s a lot that the past can tell us about the future.
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  • Aspiration vs Exaggeration
    Building a strong brand means managing consumers' expectations, honestly and consistently. However, all too many try to be something they’re not, only to disappoint consumers with outlandish claims th...
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  • Brand Scents
    Could you recognize the unique smell of Crayola, or Play-Doh? From automobiles and airlines to hotels and consumer products, scent is being used to engage and persuade consumers. It rounds out the typ...
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