We'll help you see your brand for what it is,
and what it could be.

Branding Process Graphic

We don’t fit clients into a pre-defined 1-2-3 process. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. The way we see it, our job is to Clarify, Simplify and Amplify your brand so that it can better connect & communicate.

Unlike traditional branding models, our process fuses strategy and identity into a single, integrated discipline that allows us to balance your short-term need for sales growth with the long-term objective of increased shareholder value. This integration gives our branding process two distinct benefits; it allows us to begin at the very point that the brand needs help, and it prevents us from arriving at predefined conclusions.

The result is a process that is equally suited to brand creation, such as the launch of a new entity, or rebranding an existing offering due to changing market conditions. This approach will allow your brand to evolve within its environment, while ensuring that your organization avoids common and costly mistakes in managing consumers' expectations and experience.

Clarify: free from confusion
You can’t differentiate what you can’t define. In order to be distinct, you must first be clear. Only when a goal is clearly stated, can it be obtained.

Simplify: eliminate all but what is needed
Your brand story must be easy to remember and hard to forget. If people are confused, it's unlikely that they'll be able to retell your story or have the desire to do so.

Amplify: magnify meaning without distortion
Brands are amplified through signals and systems. This ensures that your brand promise and consumer expectation are not only in sync, but that consumers are engaged.

We see brands as experiences that must account for variable change in consumer preferences, economic conditions, emerging technologies and a host of other influences. Therefore, our branding process doesn't separate brand strategy and brand identity into isolated divisions. Rather, we take an iterative approach, continually exploring how to best Clarify Simplify Amplify® the value your brand provides your business and market.