Mark Gallagher
Brand Expressionist®

Mark Gallagher Photo

Brand Expressionist® Mark Gallagher, co-founded Blackcoffee in 1994. Mark is a graduate of Pratt Institute, where he studied Communications and Industrial Design and has always had a passion for the relationship between brands and consumers.

Mark believes that branding is not about changing an organization's products and services, nor creating embellishments. Branding is about managing expectations. If you want to build a successful brand, you have to understand that brands work in two directions: promise and expectation. It is a reciprocal relationship between a company and consumer.

Mark's second passion is auto racing. He is a nationally certified performance driving instructor, competes in the BMW Club Racing series, 24 Hours of LeMons, ChumpCar, as well karting, Iceracing, rally school… you get the idea.