Laura Savard
Brand Expressionist®

Laura Savard Photo

In 1994, Brand Expressionist® Laura Savard, a graduate of Pratt Institute, co-founded Blackcoffee. While studying identity design with a focus on packaging, Laura realized that no matter how brilliant, visual design can never compensate for a poor brand experience.

She believes that how you define an activity defines how it will be performed. You can’t differentiate what you can’t define. In order to be distinct, you must first be clear. Balancing an analytic mind and an artistic eye, Laura sees branding not as communicating a message, but engaging in a relationship. Only when your brand is focused on consumers will consumers focus on your brand.

When Laura is not building brands, she is either knitting or taking photos of her Dalmatian, Brooklyn AKA: "Miss B" (You can follow Brooklyn here).