Sperry Brand Image 01
Navigating Uncharted Waters
Plotting a new course within a new market.

Sperry Top-Sider is best known for boat shoes that have logged more miles of open ocean than any other, and have out-raced, out-cruised and out-fished any and all competitors, again and again, from 1935 to this very moment.

Sperry engaged Blackcoffee to develop a brand identity (logo and standards) for their new extreme conditions boat shoe, "Figawi." Named after a misinterpretation of a message sent by drunken sailors trying to determine their whereabouts, "Figawi" has become a Cape Cod maritime tradition, the infamous three-day sailboat race from Hyannis to Nantucket and back again.

Blackcoffee created a typographic logo which would live upon the decks and under the rule of its parent brand, Sperry. Aimed at the hearts of sailing enthusiasts and those who wished they were, the new heading targets a younger more urban-minded consumer. Now a sub-brand within Sperry's brand architecture, Figawi is a seaworthy brand anchored within Sperry's port with rules and guidelines which govern its brand identity. Figawi's graphic standards and slightly edgier imagery target a new more youthful market to provide the latitude for the sub-brand to set sail upon its own.

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