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Fusing Fashion and Lifestyle
Building retail systems that bond brand and culture

Living at the intersection of fashion and function, Puma’s identity has become synonymous with sport-lifestyle and trendsetting youth. As one feeds upon the other, this provides individuality to both its own brand and those of its consumers. Blackcoffee helped to establish and fortify this position with unprecedented strategic retail programs that ensure that Puma maintains its sport-lifestyle position.

When your market defines what’s in and what's not, your brand must have the ability see into the future and to get there first. By co-branding with unlikely but strategically chosen partners, the Puma brand stays fresh and yet true to its core sport-lifestyle position.

In developing retail systems, Blackcoffee conducted extensive research into each of the unique cultures that Puma chose to align itself with, ranging from high fashion to motorsport. Each held a unique opportunity for the brand to establish meaningful connections with that audience. The solutions we developed function as systems allowing Puma's internal team the flexibility to build on the provided platforms. These platforms extended the brand into new areas of engagement while providing consumers with a consistent retail experience.

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