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Remixing a Remix Brand
Extending a professional grade brand into the mass-market

Numark is obsessed with designing equipment that meets the individual needs of every DJ. The company delivers the most advanced line of DJ gear available today. From the amateur to the professional, Numark designs and engineers equipment to stand up to the experience.

The brand identity, specifically package design, would play an integral roll in the launch of Numark’s new product, the iDJ. This 2-channel mixer enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate and mix music from their own iPod with music from another iPod. The packaging would need to convey the strategic partnership between Numark’s iDJ and Apple’s iPod while highlighting the unique feature that the iDJ would be introducing to the market.

Blackcoffee created a packaging system that mixed the aesthetics of the Apple (iPod) and Numark brands for a new sound that visually communicates the idea of seamless integration to a multilingual audience. Feature icons and photographs are fused to bridge the language gap and illustrate that the iDJ is made to the same exacting standards. Consumers are ecstatic over the iDJ–a new music revolution has begun!

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