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Exploring New Brand Signals
Developing new tools for managing the brand experience

Hoping to increase its presence at retail, New Balance approached Blackcoffee to highlight new opportunities for leveraging consumers' experience when interacting with the brand. Rather than focusing on traditional design and marketing avenues, we sought ways to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the brand through nontraditional methods.

Key insights derived from interviews and observations helped to establish the brand attributes that could be translated into signals, allowing New Balance to leverage new vehicles of communication.

Blackcoffee performed qualitative field research that revealed that the majority of the brand's competitors were only leveraging verbal and visual brand cues. Based on these insights, we generated a range of concepts exploring new ways to communicate the brand's value. We began visualizing ways to create visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory signals. The final direction focused on sound and kinetics to provide two new methods for expressing the New Balance brand experience.

The final deliverable of this exercise resulted in a comprehensive brand development document that presented a detailed roadmap for implementing the Brand Signals in the market.

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