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Brewing a New Brand
From positioning to packaging, glasses are toasting the brand that's raising the bar—Cheers!

The Naked Lion Brewing Company was challenged with launching a new product into an oversaturated market. The brewery engaged Blackcoffee to develop and implement a comprehensive positioning strategy, brand identity system, nomenclature system and packaging system that would challenge the beer market’s currently accepted views and practices.

Together, Blackcoffee and Naked Lion identified an opportunity within the brewing process—Sour Mashing. Naked lion worked to develop the brewing approach that would serve as the unique position the brand would take. Launching the Naked Lion brand as the world’s only collection of “Sour Mashed” lagers and ales provides exclusivity of category and uniqueness of character.

With a new category comes a category leader. These sour mashed brews are challenging the ultra premium beer sector and redefining how beer drinkers think of ultra premium. This unique collection of lagers and ales holds discerning character that is reinventing ultra premium American beer.

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