What is Brand Expression?

Brand Expression is the brand as defined and articulated by the organization. This integrates brand strategy and brand identity to express a multi-sensory brand experience through a portfolio of Brand Signals. These signals manage consumer expectations by carrying and conveying meaning, making it easier for people both inside and outside the organization to understand the brand's core purpose.

Brand is the experience that lives at the point where promise meets expectation. Therefore, the practice of Brand Expression must be multidisciplinary, as it fuses brand strategy (how the brand is defined) and brand identity (how the brand is articulated). This ensures that the brand remains consistent and relevant as it responds to changes in the market, as the brand both defines and is defined by consumer experience.

Brand Promise Expectation Graphic Definition of a Brand

As a fully integrated process, Brand Expression empowers companies to maintain brand differentiation, relevancy and authenticity while balancing promise and expectation. Unlike advertising, graphic design or web design, brand expression is a systems based approach which creates the building blocks of a brand. Working from the same palette of Brand Signals ensures that consistency of aesthetic and purpose are achieved by multiple partners across a multitude of channels.

People learn what to expect from the brand, and the company learns what its brand must deliver to consumers. This results in a richer and more compelling brand experience that consumers trust, value, and count on.

As your brand is a collection of expectations that others have about you, brand expression is the art and science of managing those expectations.

"We know not through our intellect but through our experience.”
—Maurice Merleau-Ponty (French phenomenological philosopher)

How Brand Signals Work