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Managing Consumers’ Expectations

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

A brand is an experience that lives at the intersection of promise and expectation. That promise can either be overt (made by the organization) or implied (made by third party, such as the media). Both manage consumers’ expectations. When consumers’ expectations aren’t met, stocks go down, products sit on store shelves and the brand comes tumbling after. Such is the case with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4s.


Brand Scents

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Could you recognize the unique smell of Crayola, or Play-Doh? Each is as instantly identifiable as are their brands’ names and logos. They both use the addition of scent to round out the typical verbal and visual experience. This adds an extra dimension of sensory engagement that helps to differentiate each in the marketplace. From automobiles and airlines to hotels and consumer products, scent is being used to engage and persuade consumers.

The idea of using a signature scent as a marketing device is nothing new. Religions have been engaging our olfactory receptors with burning incense since the beginning of time and retailers have been known to leverage atmospheric scent as a motivator: Bloomingdales bathes its infant department in the scent of baby powder and Exxon uses the aroma of coffee to persuade customers in their convenience stores. (more…)

Branding & Trademarks

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Whether you’re creating a name, logo, color, sound or other brand signal, one of the most important ways to claim ownership of this intellectual property is by trademarking it. In this Brand Related Talk, attorney Stephen Baird discusses trademark law and its role in branding.