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Laser Etched Meat Business Cards

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Sample Laser Etched Beef Jerky Business Card

Talk about “branding!” If ever there was a concept looking for a home, here it is! Several years back we wrote The Best of Business Card Design 6, and I have to say, this would have been featured as a full spread.

From the site:

We start with 100% beef jerky, and sear your contact information into it with a 150 watt co2 laser.

Screw die-cutting. Forget about foil, popups, or UV spot lamination. These business cards have two ingredients:

Meat and Lasers

Unlike other business cards, meat cards will retain value after the econopocalypse. Hoard and barter your calorie-rich, life-sustaining cards.

Meat cards do not fit in a rolodex, because their deliciousness cannot be contained in a rolodex.