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Find out what had receptionists and postal workers “DEEPLY DISTURBED!”

halloween blood bag promo 01

In response to Halloween and the current state of the world economy we developed a promotional mailing, with the headline “B POSITIVE.” To ensure that the mailing would not be overlooked it would be mailed in nothing more than the plastic bag that the contained the fake blood contents. So we turned to Jamie Bradley of Sophwell to source the necessary materials, produce the mailing and clear the postal hurdles. After some minor modifications to our original design the Boston postal Mail Design Analyst gave us the green and the blood bags began hitting desks. Then the phone started ringing and the email came rushing in.

Our efforts were met with mixed reviews. We received an overwhelming 25% positive response rate from our list of 50o. We also received several phone calls from several individuals who saw the mailers in transit on their way to the intended recipients. These individuals were less than pleased to say the least. One receptionist and several postal workers from different corners of the country were all, in their own words, “Deeply Disturbed.” Each HAD TO go home early. Either these individuals believed that we sent out real blood, or they know how to work the system (We think the latter).

Long story short: Our clients and prospects seem to have a better sense of humor that postal workers and receptionists.

Would we do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

halloween blood bag promo 02

halloween blood bag promo 03

halloween blood bag promo 04

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